Gramen Farm natures bounty straight to you

When someone walks into the Gramen Farm store they are witnessing the culmination of a journey taken by 1 family that had to transition from healthy mothers breast milk, to food that made their children sick, then back to wholesome, nutritional, living foods that made them healthy again. We had no idea that once the breast milk was gone our family was going to embark on such an emotional, mental, and physical roller coaster. We had no idea that getting a child healthy again meant years of sifting through many allergenic food ingredients, supplements, and chemicals.

Don't we just go to the doctor or hospital to regain our health if we are sick?

We had no idea that something available to the public, under the watchful eye of government agencies, could actually hurt our children! We had no idea that along the journey to health for our children, we as parents realized we had some work to do as well. And I am not talking about those unwanted pounds you always wanted to lose by dieting or going to the gym.

Our maternity ward
Silly me, in this day and age, in the most advanced country on the planet,

I thought it was just as simple as driving to a grocery store and buying food for the new family and going to the gym to get exercise.

Sure there are good foods and bad foods, but overall you should be able to pick up something that can sustain your family, right? You can look good and feel good by working out right?

Well, the story of Gramen Farm is a story of one family waking up and realizing the world is a much different place than what we thought.

We realized what we put in our mouth is THE most important job next to breathing, and everything else is not as important.

We found the effort searching for answers to what is quickly or slowly making our families sick is hard work. The search for food that doesn't make you sick is even more effort. Then, to add insult to injury we actually have to defend our actions to others in the choices we make on behalf of ourselves and our families.

All of these conclusions we reached for our family have one cause, or common denominator. The modern day industrial food society was not intended for life sustaining healthy food. That is too expensive. It can't be shipped across the country and does not have a long enough shelf life to be profitable. So off we go as a culture processing, centralizing, expanding, and economizing more and more in an effort to bring food to our tables cheaper and cheaper increasing profit for the large corporations. Well this is a fine model for our tv or our clothes, but not so good for healthy food. As we are finding out, we are getting sicker not healthier.

At Gramen Farm it is all about one simple principle.

What is our foundation? What is the most important thing in our lives and the lives of our children and animals, physically, without which we would die the fastest?

First, our body needs to breathe properly or we can die in minutes. Obviously that is the most important, but fortunately Gramen Farm doesn't have to sell oxygen , YET!

Second most important is hydration. We die in days if we are not hydrated with water, salt, and minerals. How many days or years have you gone without properly hydrating? We believe our organs will start to have problems if we are not properly hydrating so Gramen Farm provides the items we need to accomplish this.

Thirdly, there must be living foods. There are more bacteria in you than human cells. We can die in weeks without food & nutrition. Sure we can get by, but how is that working for you? It didn't work well for us. Gramen Farm will always sell the most powerful nutrition and probiotics possible available in the foods we raise and sell.

Remember "Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Medicine Be Thy Food" Hippocrates around 450BC.

Some day we believe people will come to the Farm or Farmacy for healing, similar to going to a pharmacy for drugs today.

Come to Gramen "Farmacy" and join others who are on the same path to health you are.

Come take a stroll around the Farm, and meet the girls

Our Medical ward maternity department, where the expectant mothers and their calves can be looked after

They are friendly and will come say hello, after giving birth they need some TLC

You have Grass, let me just check its Fresh!

Well ok, it's Fresh, but it from the other side of the Fence, a small taste, for quality control you understand

Me Too, I love Grass!

Did Somebody say Grass? Expectant mom! Now feed me!

Duke, the big herding Pyrenese , doing his favourite thing.... Sleeping in the Texas Sun

Hi I'm Sophia, you want love? You got snacks? Do you do Tummy Rubs? I'm a puppy!

Then come into our Farm Store, your not going to get fresher than this.... Transport time from field to shelve , less than an hour on a hot day .... Which in Texas is just about Every day!

Our Farm produced , aged cheeses, sundried Tomato & Basil, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, we have quite the selection!

We also have Whey protein drinks, plain and chocolate , Probiotic Drinks, all here fresh just the thing to keep you going

Raw Milk, Buttermilk , Cream Cheese, yogurt, Cream, all fresh farm produced

Grant has funny turns, every now and again, he just comes in and puts things on offer! You HAVE to take advantage

Don't forget the real Free Range Eggs! And every now and then We even have a few Duck Eggs, now these are the Best eggs ever, but they go very very Quick

It's all of nature we embrace, not just meat and Dairy, Try our Locally Produced Honey..

Grant and Ellie Wilson

Happy Cows

At Gramen Farm , we believe in nature, and in turn nature believes in us. We do not rush things nor do we force things, we just let nature take its time.

This means the best fresh raw milk, nothing added , not drugs hormones or anything unnatural, just pure and fresh

The better the meat, the better the meal, the better the meal the less you need for all the nourishment your body requires

We will even give you tips on making it Special

Taking fresh food, and making it better with natural herbs & spices, makes a filling healthy and satisfying experience, from looking to enjoying.

Share with the family or the special someone, and most of all ENJOY!

Eating it, we think you might manage that yourself

So go on, treat your body to some real good natural food, it's going to thank you in the long run!!!

Our Oso Bucco

Spiced and Lightly Cooked or to your taste

And a couple of our fresh free range eggs

Now that's a snack you can love

We have all you need, for the barbecue, or just for dinner, all fresh naturally farmed foods. Milk ,Beef, Lamb, Chicken and a whole range of dairy products and healthy options your just not going to believe

We have an affiliates program, where you could make and save money, by helping others appreciate good wholesome healthy foods

This is All We eat, All the time

Hours of opening, Open All year Round , Rain or Shine (even if it snows!)

Monday to Friday 9:00am until 6:00pm ...................................... Sataurday 9:00am until 5:00pm ................................................. Sunday 12:00pm until 5:00pm ...................................................

Contact Info

Gramen Farm, LLC , 20158 Bauer Hockley Road, Tomball, TX 77377, Store contact: 832-627-3856,

Technical support for site: 832.312.4828, email:

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Jim Ford
Photo credits Jim Ford / Gramen Farm

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