Is Paid eSurvey A Scam?

Take surveys for cash sites are huge, and everyone should know that by now.

Ask some folks’ opinion about these types of sites and they will immediately call them, “pretty good money makers”, but on the other hand sites in the same industry have been classified as, “scam”.

Having said that, I’d like your attention while I share my thoughts about Paid eSurvey.

I was not at all skeptical when I initially checked out Paid eSurvey because I’ve been a Paid Market Research Panelist long enough to know how sites of this type function.

Even though you do not pay these sites, they will be making some moolah off of you.

Don’t sweat it, lol, it’s a win-win situation for everyone because you will also be making some money.


You see, take surveys for cash sites like Paid eSurvey are basically databases of approved market research companies all in one place.

Convenience, and also a nice jumpstart.


Program sites like Paid eSurvey provides you with both convenience and a nice jumpstart to taking surveys.

It’s nice to have a handful of paid survey sites all in one place.

Now some may prefer to search all over the place to find legitimate paid online survey sites one at a time.

And that’s coo’ , to each their own.

But if that’s you, I highly recommend using Swag Bucks for all of your searching needs.

It’s free to join and you’ll earn nicely as a result of using it daily.

The Jump Start

Well let’s just say when it comes to making money online from paid surveys, I’m all for getting started with a few great programs at a time rather than just one here and another there.

So since the work of finding the list of programs has been done by someone else, why not take advantage of that?

Rhetorical, no answer required. lol

Free And Oh So Easy To Use

We all love freebies, and the fact that the Paid eSurvey site is free to join gives it brownie points in my book.

“Now that was easy” is what can be said about the site’s user friendliness.

Oh, and by the way, shout out to Staples for that catch phrase that I’ve always loved. lol

Navigating around Paid eSurvey’s site is a breeze.

Once logged in as a member it takes only a moment or so to recognize the free to join programs that make up the group listing.

Never pay to take surveys!

Reputable programs like InboxDollars (get paid for your normal web activities) and SnapDollars (get paid to try products, services, etc) are currently giving away FREE money to join.

Act now to receive these instant cash bonuses … Cha-ching!

I’m now pulling the “Scam Free” stamp out of my home office desk drawer so that I can clearly label Paid eSurvey accordingly, lol.

But seriously folks, one of the very first indicators to me that a program is not a scam is a free sign up with absolutely no investment or fees.

After all, market research companies are supposed to be making the payout, not the panel member who will be on the receiving end.

No Fee = Nothing To Lose

Database take surveys for cash list programs like Paid eSurvey has prepared the group of market research companies as a no cost service to you.

It is so nice and convenient to have several approved survey sites all on one page.

However, as sure as my name is Callie, you can believe there are similar sites that do require a fee.

It would just be foolish to pay for this service elsewhere.

So stay wise and smart like me and enjoy this little luxury. lol

Would I Recommend Paid eSurvey?

Yes, I certainly would.

The program is: Legitimate and is NOT a scam.

Free to join.


A great jump start to maximizing your paid survey income.

Keep in mind folks that you are NOT obligated to join each paid survey panel offered to you as per the Paid eSurvey list.

Use your own good judgment when selecting the panels you want to be a member of.

If you have reservations of joining certain panels, then simply don’t join, no worries.

Happy surveying ~

Any thoughts or comments? Don’t be shy. You know what to do … talk to me below.


Internet Marketing Is Lucrative If Done Right

Some find it difficult to make ends meet, while others earn money without doing anything at all.

This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are getting interested in affiliate marketing.

One of the many money-making systems that became popular, because of its unlimited exposure in the world wide web.

Likewise, since the internet has been one of the best media wherein people from around the world can communicate to each other without getting up from one’s seat, it has been labeled as the most important channels where marketers can earn a living.

That being said, I have collected some of the most common reasons why Internet marketing is lucrative if done right.

Read on!

Reason 1: Everyone Uses the Internet!

A lot of people spend a ridiculous amount of time online– playing, connecting, working, and shopping.

Not just that, there’s the social media where almost everyone living in this world has a Facebook account and more than half of them have been spending millions of hours watching YouTube videos.

The social media has mushroomed to completely change the way in which consumers are engaged.

This serves as a good news to the marketing world, because if utilized properly, they can easily climb their way up to success.

Reason 2: A Wide Variety of Creative Avenues

Not just social media, there’s the online advertising, mobile computing and apps, and don’t forget the search engine optimization,search engine optimization, blogs, online press releases, RSS feed, viral marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, so on and so forth.

All of these have been part of the marketing landscape for several years.

What does this indicate? This means businesses and organizations have a new set of avenues through which they can deliver their messages to consumers— which means that they should be creative as well in order to attract the prospective clients.

Nonetheless, it’s certainly easier as compared to using the radio, billboards, and TV for advertisements.

The possibilities are endless, and the challenges as well as the rewards you can get from Internet marketing are virtually endless.

Reason 3: Get Connected with Several People All at Once

Marketing is about sending your message through to people and convincing them to buy your products or try the service being offered.

Thus, marketing calls for constant communication with these people in order to generate results.

Understanding people and knowing what they like most are very important for this.

That’s why an account manager must be able to get along with the customers, and the market researcher must anticipate what the target audience is looking for.

In order to be a successful internet marketer, you need to be in your client’s shoes and familiarize yourself with his needs and wants,
Marketing makes this possible, because you’ll be working with a team in order to come up and develop creative ideas that the customers will find appealing.

Reason 4: There Are a Lot of Good Opportunities

Internet marketers can either be on the client side or the agency side.

The former involves working in the marketing department of an organization, business, or a public sector department.

On the other hand, agency work calls for advertising and marketing services.

Those who start in client services are usually marketing assistants who help out with various entry level tasks.

Then, they’ll move into a new level known as the marketing coordinator.

For companies that sell products, there’s also the managers and designers, and the most important position goes to the marketing managers and directors.

On the agency side, there are a number of opportunities in regard to project management, market research, and public relations– each has levels of progressions that one must comply with.

For the talented ones, there are plenty of opportunities, not only on the front line, but behind-the-scenes as well.

Reason 5: It’s Important for a Business and All Industries Related to It

Every organization uses Internet marketing– both public and commercial.

The quality of an Internet marketing campaign plays a vital role in the success or failure of the business, that’s why it’s important to have the determination and skills before you even consider being an Internet marketer yourself.

Reason 6: One of the Most Creative Industries You Can Ever Imagine

Internet marketing is dynamic– everything should be constantly refreshed, and transformed in order to stand out among the rest.

Those who are involved in this field must think outside the box 24/7.

Likewise, it’s easy to apply one’s creativity in a number of ways, such as developing marketing strategies, to thinking of what images and texts to use in the advertisement.


Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? What’s The Future For Affiliate Marketing?

Pretty darn good, if you ask me!

As long as people are experiencing problems and affiliate marketers are there to put the solution smack bang right in front of them, there’s no stopping this bus.

Last when I checked, people did not seem to be experiencing a lesser number of problems – in fact it seems as if their problems are just increasing day by day, which means we, as affiliate marketers, get the opportunity to present to them the solution to their problems.

It’s a beautiful thing, like a sunset over the Serengeti, a corn field in the full moon or your ex moving out of your apartment…

So Many Problems, So Many Solutions

You know, there are over 3 billion people looking for something on the internet on a daily basis.

This could be a specific product, a specific service of some kind, it could be entertainment, it could be to find a partner, it could be any other damn thing, the bottom line is that all of these people are looking for some kind of a solution to some kind of ‘problem’ they are experiencing.

Enter affiliate marketers…


Because who will be offering these products, services or solutions?

Those who come up with the products, services or solutions of course.

But the problem is, these owners of said products, services and solutions can only offer solutions in their specific niche – that which they are good at, and these owners are mostly one trick ponies, catering solutions for one specific problem at a time.

Affiliate marketers, on the other hand, can promote as many products, services and solutions as they wish, making the scope of entry into this humongous market very broad for themselves.

Plus they have the added bonus of not worrying about developing a product that will solve a problem themselves – they simply need to bring the problems together with the solutions, offered by those who developed the product…

Like I said…an absolute thing of beauty!

So who’s YOUR daddy?

Things Are Constantly Changing

Since the dawn of the internet and the resulting birth of affiliate marketing, the actual model whereby affiliate marketing was done, the ‘how to’ has undergone many changes, and that is another plus point for affiliate marketing – it is highly flexible, capable to adapt to the ever changing landscape of the internet beast.

Things are always changing on the internet and you bet your granny’s dentures this trend will continue.

Many changes in the way affiliate marketing is done, will certainly come in future as the internet keeps on evolving, so there is no guarantee that the same methods that are used successfully in affiliate marketing today will be similarly effective in future…

Currently, developing a niche site and becoming an ‘authority’ in that niche with a content-loaded site is the way to go.

I personally can see this changing in future with more and more emphasis being placed on video.

So as I said, there’s no guarantee that the actual method of doing affiliate marketing will remain the same indefinitely.

And that is a bitch…a BIG one!

Because how would you know what changes to make where and when?

Not To Worry

Yip, definitely a bitch and perhaps the greatest draw-back for aspiring affiliate marketers, but fear not boys and girls because even this ‘challenge’ can be overcome…

My solution to this  problem is to NOT tackle affiliate marketing as a solo artist.

There are just too many variables to be taken into consideration these days for one person to handle effectively…those days are over, unless you are an internet junkie glued to your PC screen 24/7.

So if tackling affiliate marketing on your own is not a good idea, what should one do then?

Well, one should join an established and extremely reputable training provider who has the resources and know-how that will keep them ahead of the pack.

One such training provider is of course, Wealthy Affiliate.

Joining them will ensure that you always receive the latest training in the latest trends of affiliate marketing, ensuring that you do not waste time and effort with you campaigns.

On top of this, you will become part of a crazy supportive community against whom you can bounce your ideas and get valuable feedback from – really a fantastic experience!

On the other hand, if you feel that you have the necessary know-how and you are capable to move with the changing trends, then, by all means, go solo.

For the rest of us who are also working a day-job, joining a group makes perfect sense.

Whatever your decision is, you will never make a mistake by taking up affiliate marketing.

It is by far the number one method of producing excellent income on the internet.

Elsewhere on this site, I have written about various other ways to make a quick buck online, but if you are looking for serious money, this is the way to go, no doubt about it.

If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, you’re welcome to take a look at my review of them here.

If you know similar good training providers, drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


Internet Marketing Research Advantages And Disadvantages

If your aim is to have a successful Internet business, then it’s important to familiarize yourself with the basics of internet marketing research.

This is where a lot of Internet marketers fail.

Most of them have the tendency of diving carelessly into various Internet marketing programs even when they don’t have any idea who their target audience is or what their business is all about.

This is where Internet market research plays a vital role.

By conducting a thorough research, you can prepare yourself in knowing who the target audience is, as well as the best methods on how to reach them.

Here are some of the basics of Internet marketing research:
These techniques can be utilized in order to gather market information.

Keyword Search

Knowing how to do a simple Web search using search engines, such as Yahoo and Google isn’t enough when it comes to Internet marketing.

It’s ideal to take an extra step ahead by searching for “keywords” that people would use to find the services and products being offered online.

Try to determine how popular these keywords are and the number of competitors you have in this market.

Aside from that, keyword searches can also give an idea of the product niches that you probably haven’t considered before.

Read Blogs

For those who are not aware, blogs are updated more regularly than websites.

Thus, they can be your source of public opinions and latest information.

Try to search the blogs with the use of blog-specific search engines, such as Technorati.

Considering the fact that blogs move at a faster pace and often in an informal tone, there’s always the huge possibility that you’ll gain an insight about a new product type.

Competitor Links

Traditional search engines can help in checking one’s competitors, their prices, as well as their offerings.

For this, you can type their website into Google and see how many other sites are linked to that competitor website.

Online Survey

Another way to gather public opinion is through the help of online surveys.

These surveys don’t need to be as scientific as an in-person survey that utilizes random sampling of the population.

Online surveys are an affordable way to conduct market research about a certain product or service.

Research Techniques and Tools

There’s a wide range of market research tools available in the market– both offline and online.

These tools are often used by large businesses, but can be utilized by small and mid-sized businesses as well.

Major Categories of Online Research:

1) Product Research

This is related to the use of a certain product. Example of this is the tasting test where the audience is asked to pick the most popular flavour.

2) Audience Research

This type of research focuses on discovering who is watching the TV, listening to the radio, or reading the newspaper.

This study determines the popularity of the medium or parts of it.

3) Psychological Profiling

This focuses on the construction profiles of consumers based on lifestyle, temperament, income, and other factors that will depend the consumption patterns, as well as the media patronage.

4) Brand Analysis

This has something to do with profiling features and it tries to find the key on how to gather loyal followers for a certain brand.

Writing Online Questionnaires

Small businesses should always follow these simple, yet important rules:

Rule 1: Be Concise

Long questionnaires will just alienate the respondents, preventing you from getting the results needed.

Thus, you should try to limit the surveys to 25 questions and ensure that it wouldn’t take a lot of time to finish it.

Rule 2: Stay Away from Open-Ended Question

Surveys shouldn’t have open-ended questions where the respondents are required to type out the answers.

Close ended questions are always ideal, because the respondent can easily click on a button to answer the questions.

Rule 3: Persistence Is the Key

When asking your customers to answer a survey; it’s alright to send the invitation more than once– especially to those who have indicated that they’re willing to be a part of the survey.

Just ensure that you’ve got their permission, because you don’t want them to think that they’re getting spam messages.

Rule 4: Be Patient

Lastly, when conducting a survey, it’s important to be patient, even when it seems like it’s taking forever to get the results you need.


Is Online Paid Survey A Scam?

For some, paid survey are a scam, because people have this big question, why your opinion matters.

But the truth is, it does to companies, they pay top dollar to know what their customers wants and needs.

You can do the survey right at comfort of your home online, if you want to do it on your spare time you can, to earn some extra cash in your pocket, but if you want to hit the big bucks, spend more time and make a business out of it.

But again, you need to understand how the program works.

So how can I convince you to spend time doing online survey?

Well, I hope this will convince you.

You will be your own boss doing it, and comparing with the other money making programs out there, you don’t have to sell or even promote anything.

They just need your honest opinion about products and services that you might have used.

Another good thing about this type of job is there is no discrimination for whom would participate.

Everyone can sign up and join, start earning money right away.

You can do survey for several companies at anytime.

If you could spend time and be serious with it, you could earn a lot of money.

And again, as i have said, there is no sealing as you can earn as much as you spend more time.

You can work at anytime and anywhere working from home or if you went camping with family and friends.

There are tons of companies willing to pay for you to do survey, because for those companies, vital information is very important to their business from people like us, who are consumers.

Those companies will pay anyone, just to take them to do survey, for which will financially benefit them.

So start today and sign up right now, one of the reputable marketing research firm is called “Get Cash For Survey“.

This is done thru their website, just fill some form and get started right away.

So as soon as its approach, you will start to get email alerts on your email.

So I suggest to make an email specifically for this paid survey job, so you would know that it came from them, and won’t missed any email alert.

Because this is important, the more email alert, the more money you can make.

So doing online survey, is a true money making program that you can depend on.

So I hope this helps you get started and put money in your pocket, that can help you pay bills on time, or even buy your dream house in the near future.

Is This Actually REAL? Can You Get Money From Surveys?

To be honest, I was very skeptical about it.

Because I don’t understand, why my opinion counts, and some company out there will pay to do survey!

I heard tons of scary stories making money online.

But I guess everyone is entitled to have their own opinion.

No doubt about that!

But if this is true, Yeh!

I can do this and earn some extra cash in my pocket and save it to get some more stuff on “The” Boxing Day.

Well, I heard how the program works is signing up in a true and real money making survey site.

If you can find one, its good, because paid survey programs been out there for a long time.

If you’re already IN, if you have 30 minutes spare a day, why not take it and make some extra money, it can also help to pay some bills.

But you can work as much as you would, anytime and anywhere.

It is easy to register, setup your profiles, some information on how you can get paid and get you started earning from the comfort of your home.

They have the system setup for what type of products you like and they asked you to give an opinion about it.

So the system will only show products that you know about that’s the good thing, so could an expert to get an opinion from.

Your opinion matters to companies about their products, as well as important market research firms, that is hired to find out what consumers wants and needs.

So its an awesome way to get your opinion about a certain product and get paid right?

So the income opportunity has no limit, so you can earn as much as you want and complete a survey.

Ideas on how much per completed survey?

It all depends ranging from $1 to $5 or even more per completed survey.

PLUS, you can also earn some more money by making referrals and cash prizes.

Yeah heard that right?

To be honest, this is one of the nice and comfortable jobs out there that actually can make you some extra cash, for some made it their primary job, as they earn more and become more profitable by spending most of their time doing it.

So I suggest to start and sign up today.

Hey, it will help you to learn more about this money making work from home program by clicking the link below.

Good luck and Congratulations in advance.

Is Paid Online Survey Makes REAL Money?

So many folks area unit yearning for easy, legitimate ways in which to earn additional money.

Your computer is often a decent potential tool to use for generating financial gain, however it are often overwhelming to undertake to select a straightforward thanks to begin creating cash quick.

One among the ways in which you’ll build some tight money on-line is by finishing surveys.

But, area unit paid surveys real?

A concern we have a tendency to all have is being taken advantage of or tricked somehow on-line, that the question of area unit paid surveys real could be a terribly legitimate concern and question.

The good news is that affirmative, paid surveys area unit for real, Associate in Nursing you only got to choose the great ones to earn an honest greenback on line.

There area unit lots of survey corporations out there, therefore you initially got to decide what it’s you are looking for.

Are you yearning for an organization that pays straight cash?

An organization that gives rewards?

Perhaps an organization that gives different incentives, bonuses and referral opportunities?

By initial deciding if you would like to only get paid, or produce other further opportunities from the survey corporations to form cash aside from from the paid surveys alone, it’ll facilitate slim down your focus.

A real and of taking surveys on-line is that you simply haven’t got to fret concerning making a web log, web site or any of that different testy stuff that scares individuals aloof from operating on-line.

By finishing surveys on line, you actually have a chance to contribute valuable input to many corporations seeking input from customers.

They use your opinions to assist develop or perhaps improve their product and services.

Supported your age, manner and different demographic info, they’re going to pay you for serving to them save time and cash shot on what individuals such as you actually need from them.

You are very serving to these corporations determine what is vital and what to concentrate on, that is why they are willing to pay you for finishing surveys.

The work of finishing the surveys is simple, and usually solely takes between 10-20 minutes per survey.

You will additionally cash in of corporations causing you product to undertake and so review, that is another superb chance for you to explore.

This is an ideal thanks to build additional money for anyone willing to place in exactly a little quantity of your time for his or her opinions, and is ideal for stay-at-home moms with restricted time, retired persons or simply anyone wanting to form more money.

Are paid surveys real?

They’re terribly real and work all right for anyone with some spare time to share their honest opinions concerning virtually many product and services on-line.


How To Do Affiliate Marketing With A Blog

affiliate marketing courses

For those who are in search of ways on how they can monetize their blog, then they should give affiliate marketing through blogging a try.

Blogs with high quality contents easily attract loyal readers because these people benefit from the useful contents being offered.

This encourages the readers to trust the creator, as well as the writer of the blog, and eventually turn into loyal followers.

Likewise, an author’s blog post is also an ideal place to promote products and services without compromising the integrity of the content.

Without further ado, here’s how you can earn a good amount of cash with affiliate marketing through blogging.

1. Choose Services and Products You Are Going to Focus on

Even though there’s no limit on how many products you’re allowed to promote as an affiliate, it’s always advisable to concentrate on one or few main products and try to promote these aggressively.

Consider these products as the main source of your affiliate revenue, that even if you barely earn from other affiliate programs, you’ll feel confident that you’re earning more from this.

If you’ll prioritize on certain products, you can easily guarantee success, because this is where your main focus will be.

Likewise, you can use these products as your inspiration when deciding on what type of content you’re going to publish on your blog, the blog design, and what to include in newsletters that will be sent to subscribers.

The main products should follow these criteria if possible:
– A product or service that you have already tried before.
– An in demand product or service.
– Comes from a company that offers high payout to affiliates (not really necessary, but worth a try.

2. Collect Email Addresses as Much as You Can

One of the most effective ways to generate income through affiliate marketing is with the help of an email list.

Although it’s really possible to make good money through affiliate links being posted in contents, as well as other locations, it’s also ideal to consider an email list to make a lot of sales.

When someone subscribes to an email list, you’ll be able to keep in touch with them and develop trust through emails.

Thus, whenever you promote products or services to your subscribers, there’s a high chance that they’ll trust your recommendations because of the relationship you have created with them.

3. Promote the Main Products Strategically

Your success in affiliate marketing will greatly depend on how and where you’re going to promote these products.

In order to maximize clicks on your sales, affiliate links, and income, you have to promote your affiliate products to where they’ll be easily seen by your target audience.

Popular locations, include the header bar, within the content, end of the posts, and even at the beginning of your posts.

Also, the sidebar banners and promotions don’t really receive much attention at all, because a lot of visitors have the habit of tuning out the side bar and they barely notice what is being advertised there.

4. It’s Not Advisable to Rely on Banner Ads

A lot of bloggers believe that banner ads can help in generating income as an affiliate.

This isn’t true at all.

Although banners can generate some sales and click, they’re not as effective as other types of promotions available.

On the other hand, the affiliate links that are included in the blog post content will usually outperform these banners.

Likewise, links within emails that are set up through autoresponder are also better than banner ads.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t use banner ads at all.

However, don’t solely rely on this and ensure that you have other ways to promote your affiliate products.

5. Review Products

In order to promote specific products as an affiliate, you should consider writing and publishing product reviews whenever you can.

Through this, you’ll be sharing your own personal experience and opinions about the product.

Be honest and mention the pros and cons, if the product is good quality, and if you’ll recommend it to your readers.

Reviews are one of the best methods to generate traffic, because a lot of people usually look at product reviews before they buy a product.

There you have it.

These are just some of the ways on how you can use your blog in affiliate marketing.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start now and establish a reputation, before you know it, you’re already enjoying a passive income!