Is Paid eSurvey A Scam?

Take surveys for cash sites are huge, and everyone should know that by now.

Ask some folks’ opinion about these types of sites and they will immediately call them, “pretty good money makers”, but on the other hand sites in the same industry have been classified as, “scam”.

Having said that, I’d like your attention while I share my thoughts about Paid eSurvey.

I was not at all skeptical when I initially checked out Paid eSurvey because I’ve been a Paid Market Research Panelist long enough to know how sites of this type function.

Even though you do not pay these sites, they will be making some moolah off of you.

Don’t sweat it, lol, it’s a win-win situation for everyone because you will also be making some money.


You see, take surveys for cash sites like Paid eSurvey are basically databases of approved market research companies all in one place.

Convenience, and also a nice jumpstart.


Program sites like Paid eSurvey provides you with both convenience and a nice jumpstart to taking surveys.

It’s nice to have a handful of paid survey sites all in one place.

Now some may prefer to search all over the place to find legitimate paid online survey sites one at a time.

And that’s coo’ , to each their own.

But if that’s you, I highly recommend using Swag Bucks for all of your searching needs.

It’s free to join and you’ll earn nicely as a result of using it daily.

The Jump Start

Well let’s just say when it comes to making money online from paid surveys, I’m all for getting started with a few great programs at a time rather than just one here and another there.

So since the work of finding the list of programs has been done by someone else, why not take advantage of that?

Rhetorical, no answer required. lol

Free And Oh So Easy To Use

We all love freebies, and the fact that the Paid eSurvey site is free to join gives it brownie points in my book.

“Now that was easy” is what can be said about the site’s user friendliness.

Oh, and by the way, shout out to Staples for that catch phrase that I’ve always loved. lol

Navigating around Paid eSurvey’s site is a breeze.

Once logged in as a member it takes only a moment or so to recognize the free to join programs that make up the group listing.

Never pay to take surveys!

Reputable programs like InboxDollars (get paid for your normal web activities) and SnapDollars (get paid to try products, services, etc) are currently giving away FREE money to join.

Act now to receive these instant cash bonuses … Cha-ching!

I’m now pulling the “Scam Free” stamp out of my home office desk drawer so that I can clearly label Paid eSurvey accordingly, lol.

But seriously folks, one of the very first indicators to me that a program is not a scam is a free sign up with absolutely no investment or fees.

After all, market research companies are supposed to be making the payout, not the panel member who will be on the receiving end.

No Fee = Nothing To Lose

Database take surveys for cash list programs like Paid eSurvey has prepared the group of market research companies as a no cost service to you.

It is so nice and convenient to have several approved survey sites all on one page.

However, as sure as my name is Callie, you can believe there are similar sites that do require a fee.

It would just be foolish to pay for this service elsewhere.

So stay wise and smart like me and enjoy this little luxury. lol

Would I Recommend Paid eSurvey?

Yes, I certainly would.

The program is: Legitimate and is NOT a scam.

Free to join.


A great jump start to maximizing your paid survey income.

Keep in mind folks that you are NOT obligated to join each paid survey panel offered to you as per the Paid eSurvey list.

Use your own good judgment when selecting the panels you want to be a member of.

If you have reservations of joining certain panels, then simply don’t join, no worries.

Happy surveying ~

Any thoughts or comments? Don’t be shy. You know what to do … talk to me below.